Facebook to Release New Video Chat Device


Facebook, after its challenges it faced (pun intended) is now back on its tracks as it is now developing a new video chat device. / Photo by: Nick Fox via Shutterstock


Facebook has gone through many trials and tribulations in the past few months, but despite that, they still remain strong. They have delved into different areas of their product line, whether that be acquiring companies, or expanding the multiple features of their platform, they are trying their very best to give their consumers the experience that they want. Recently, a Fortune article reported that the company just announced that they will be releasing their new video chat device within the week.

Quite similar to that of the Amazon Echo Show, this new device by Facebook will also include the Alexa voice assistant from Amazon. It comes with a screen as well for users to watch videos on their platform or to have video chats with their friends when they want.

The device, called Portal, may include things like the wide-angle video camera that most AI hardware uses to check if people are in the vicinity, although this is purely based on rumors, and the actual product is still not fully known as of the current time. It is said that the main idea of this kind of camera is so that the screen would follow the user around the room as it video chats with other people, so it gives a more streamlined experience for both the user and the receiver on the other end. Although, due to privacy issues Facebook has had in the past, they have added a shutter device on the camera to ease these concerns.

The release of this new device comes at a very weird time for the company, as they are still in the midst of recovering from their most recent scandals that have left their stocks and user traffic at a record low. The device was supposed to be launched way earlier in the year, in May to be exact, but due to the privacy scandal and the issues surrounding the company at the time, they decided to postpone the release and to further include security functions for the device.

When released, this new device would be the first product that Facebook has released for the home device market.