Your Software Updates, and why you should Never Put them Off

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updating your device/Photo By Eugenio Marongiu via Shutterstock


As different kinds of smart devices are getting better and sleeker, there are times when some mild inconveniences should be put off at a later time. There are a lot of things like this, like small App updates, software overhauls and so forth, but these sort of things should never be put off, or if you do, not too long. In a Popular Science article, it is reported that these software updates, whether it be for your phone or computer, should be done immediately, as these are the new features and security updates that the company has included for your specific device, the issue is, if you don’t want to install them, the patch will never be able to do anything.

It may seem like an inconvenience, especially for areas around the world with slow internet, but still according to the article, these updates take care of a lot of issues with your device, more specifically, they focus on the aspect of security. As days and months go on, the amount of malware and viruses are continuing to grow and fester around different parts of both the internet and malicious software. They usually target outdated devices and software as they are much easier to check and track. To counter this, most companies constantly update and improve the security and functions of their respective products, to better protect your information from these new threats.

These updates could actually quite crucial with regards to issues like poor battery life, WiFi connectivity issues or screen glitches. A simple software patch could be the key to helping the user on these kinds of problems.

Not only that, some updates actually come with new features for your device, and for smartphone users, a lot of the Apps are only compatible with the latest OS for either Android or Apple and may require the user to update their software whether they want to or not. It may seem annoying to interrupt whatever activity you were doing at the time, but it pays to check and download the latest software when you can.