Meditation App Designed to De-stress Airline Passengers

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Airline passengers may now experience de-stressing like they never had before / Photo Credit via Pixabay


People have always had to contend with stress when it comes to using airplanes, whether it is due to a delayed flight, horrible service, or just plain turbulence—there are many factors that can change your mood from excitement over your trip to plain horrible quite quickly. Fortunately, flight stress in passengers is an all-too-familiar issue for airline companies out there that they have taken different steps to alleviate the situation. Some airlines use in-flight entertainment such as movies or TV shows or even video games to get your attention, while others are known for their fantastic service and food.

American Airlines, however, wants you to relax as best as you can.

Starting October 8, the company will give access to their new Calm meditation app that is designed to show nature videos to passengers to get them more relaxed as much as possible, even when turbulence or elbow room in the plane becomes an issue, according to an article published on There are even guided meditation techniques provided in the app that will allow the user to feel a little bit better on their flight. The photos, sounds, and videos from nature are designed to stimulate tranquility and peace within the user, while a feature called Sleep Stories, which are read to you in a calm tone with accompanying waterfall and other mesmerizing sounds to keep the person relaxed.

There are also three audio sessions being offered exclusively by Calm, each one aimed at a specific type of stress for passengers. Relax Release will try to distract people from their anxiety by directing them to focus on their hands or feet. Another is a guide to relax particular body parts by way of meditation. The third is a breathing exercise that will induce the person to calm down.

This might seem a little trivial to some, and may not be enough for others, but this is an interesting method nonetheless for trying to help passengers feel more relaxed while on their way to their destination.

American Airlines is the very first airline partner of Calm.