Device Allows Users to Enjoy a Glass of Wine Even in the Shower


Glass of wine while in the midst of shower? Its possible / Photo Credit via Pixabay


Advancements in technology have come in all shapes and sizes, a lot of them have literally changed the world we live in today, while others are designed to make our lives a little more colorful and fun. One device, in particular, was conceptualized for people who want to both relax and enjoy themselves in whatever part of the house they are in, including the shower. And by relaxing and enjoying, it means sipping on your favorite wine.

People may frown upon this “revolutionary” device, but this just goes to show that when it comes to technology, there is simply no limit to what it can achieve.

The device, called the Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder, is exactly what its name suggests—it gives the user the opportunity to drink wine while they are in the middle of a shower especially after a long day at work and they want to get the grime off their skin but can’t wait to take a sip, according to a post on It simply sticks to the wall of the bathroom and can hold a full glass of wine.

Conceptualized and created by the company called Urban Outfitters, the wine glass holder has divided consumers in their opinion. Wine lovers actually fell for it immediately, realizing that it’s the one thing missing in their life. At the opposite end of the spectrum are people who think that the device is simply ridiculous, saying, if you can’t wait to have a sip of your wine, why take a shower then? Pour the wine, drink, and then take a shower. But then again, where's the fun in that?

According to the product description, the company doesn’t recommend using real wine glass when enjoying the sip while in the shower as soap and glass don’t make for a safe combination.

Should you be interested, the wine glass holder sells for $15 at the company’s website, and it also ships to England.