Smart Lock Uses 3D Fingerprint Scanner and Algorithm-Generated Passcode

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Fingerprint and Smart lock are now the trend when it comes to security purposes / Photo Credit via Pixabay


Security will always be one of the biggest concerns for anybody, whether it’s for the business or the home, and there have been many great strides toward this end especially involving technology.

Smart locks have been a regular feature of high-tech security systems for a while now, but the newest offering from Lockly brings something both unique and familiar for your front door, according to an article posted on  The company has created a new version of a smart lock called the Secure Plus lock that uses a 3D fingerprint scanner and algorithm-generated passcode to make this lock virtually impenetrable outside of brute force.

The Secure Plus lock basically adds a Touch ID feature to your front door, giving you more confidence that your house can’t be broken into. The lock can scan and store up to 99 fingerprints so that the whole family plus relatives and friends even are sure not to be locked out. This new technology also can’t be easily tricked with fake fingerprints or a photograph, as it will only unlock when it has a physical match with the actual fingers.

The device also boasts a randomly generated access code system that supplements the 3D scanning feature to make it an even more robust security measure. A passcode is needed to be punched on the four circles with three numbers each. Every time the user unlocks the door through the passcode, the position of the digits change on the keypad even the passcode itself doesn’t change. This makes it impossible for anyone who might be observing from afar to tell which numbers were punched  This may seem a bit much but considering that burglars and other criminal elements are getting more sophisticated, making sure a security system will stand against even high-tech attempts to break in is surely always welcome.

 Another great feature of the Smart Lock is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to make the numbers move randomly, thanks to a unique algorithm system. What makes this more significant is the fact that hackers won’t be able to gain access to it unlike a lot of IoT devices that are constantly connected to the internet.

The Secure Plus lock is powered by a couple of AA batteries that the company said will last for one whole year. In case they die when you least expect it, there is a physical key that opens the lock the old-fashioned way.