Nintendo Switch App Reaches 5 million Downloads

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Nintendo Switch Online app reached a massive five million downloads across the iOS and Android devices/ Photo By Torian Dixon via 123RF


Nintendo has made a lot of interesting decisions with regard to their products and services. The company has always been one of the largest in the gaming world and probably the one most renowned, due to the fact that their products changed the very course of gaming history more than 30 years ago.

So it should come as no surprise then that the Nintendo Switch Online app reached a massive five million downloads across the iOS and Android devices in such a short amount of time. This figure actually encompasses around 25% of the total number of Nintendo users all over the world. Whereas this app only had barebones features last year, this year it has added several interesting features in its recent iteration that has prompted literally millions of people to install it in their mobile gadgets.

A report by Sensor Tower that was featured in an article published on revealed that the majority of these five million downloads came from Japan and the United States. To be more specific, 33% of the total downloads came from Japan while 30% came from the US. With regard to which platform the app was downloaded from, however, it’s 60% Google Play Store and 40% App Store.

Aside from the dedicated voice chat that the app primarily was originally known for, the app also offers now more unique services that are specific to particular Nintendo Switch games. One of the more popular services that the app offers is the checking of online rankings and match records. Incidentally, the voice chat service offered in the Nintendo Switch Online app is available for the NEW titles that come free with the platform’s yearly or monthly subscription.

The app is a must-have for every Nintendo Switch owner, be they avid or casual, as it provides a lot of features that make the whole gaming platform immersive and more enjoyable.