Defending Against Cyber Threats with Big Data

Big Data

big data analytics is a process of evaluating large swathes of data/ Photo By Weerapat Kiatdumrong via 123RF


The thought of becoming a victim of cybercrime and of malicious software finding their way into their beloved devices and stealing private information or rendering the gadgets unusable is a very real fear people feel every time, whether they are using a smart home appliance, their smartphone, or laptop.

While the fear is not unfounded, it should not cause anyone to have sleepless nights as there is now a whole industry dedicated to the fight against cyber threats. A lot of companies are continuously working to provide the best possible security for every platform in the form of software updates and better anti-virus software. Of course, if these prove insufficient, they can always turn to more technology for further help.

Today, there are more than 23 billion IoT devices worldwide, according to a report posted on the website With this huge amount of electronics that constantly send out information to the cloud, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of every single piece of software and system that needs to be checked and analyzed. For this reason, a lot of businesses are turning to big data to better comprehend those information and at the same time find viable solutions to cyber crimes even before they are committed.

The article defined big data analytics as a process of evaluating large swathes of data to discover hidden patterns, complex correlations, preferences of consumers, and trends in the market among other useful bits of information. Also, that it uses statistical and data science models that are advanced for faster detection. A real-time stream processing makes it possible to do a quick analysis of threats.

With big data, companies have the right technology to undertake such a large task. And they should. As the world further sees the rapid evolution of technology, it will come to a point where everything could be connected to the internet, each carrying vital information about its user/owner. Thus, it is vital to have the best possible security and protection from all forms of threats already in place.

Big data has the capability to monitor and automate workflows, giving more relevant information company management so they can better handle employee systems and monitoring programs in case of security breaches and threats. With cybersecurity risk growing at an exponential level business and organizations all over the world need to standardize and accordingly raise the level of their cybersecurity measures to protect their all-important data.