Udoq's Rail Makes Simultaneously Charging Different Gadgets Nice and Tidy


Udoq is now improving its wires to make charging fast, tidy, and perfect / Photo by: FreePhotosART via Pixabay


There comes a time in a person’s life when they discover one day that they have too much gadgets on their hands that need to be charged, and the house only has a limited number of outlets and wall sockets. We’ve all been there and have found different ways to try to solve this issue, the most obvious of which is an extension cord. This may be good in the short term only, as there’s always the possibility of overloading that could affect your precious gadgets, and also the fact that a mismatch of cables is always a hassle.

Udoq (“you-dock”), a company that manufactures charging rails, has created a way for you to have an easier time charging multiple gadgets. They provide their customers with a product that is an all-in-one docking station where you can monitor and easily arrange your charging gadgets in a row and then get them when you need them. This charger platform supports all smart devices regardless of manufacturer or version, and all of them can be charged simultaneously from a single wall socket in your home.

The device, called the Rail, uses patented connector cables that are inserted from the side and can then freely slide to fit several of your devices depending on their sizes. You can insert any type of charging cable into the connector housing so it doesn’t matter if you have an Apple or an Android gadget, as the Rail can accommodate all of them at the same time. The Rail is practically future-proof as any future device you might get will always fit in with the charging system.

The Rail’s connectors are also height-adjustable so that you won’t need to take off your device’s protective cases (but only with a maximum thickness of 8mm). It comes in different lengths, from 250mm to 700mm.

The very core principle of Udoq’s products is to be a good-looking, functional, and a high-performance solution to everyday problems.