This Key Will Make Passwords Obsolete


Yubikey is made by Yubico that a user will plug in the computer and mobile device that confirms their identity before accessing the sites and protects their login information. / Photo by: Tony Webster via Flickr


Security features when it comes to our interaction with the internet have gotten more and more sophisticated throughout the years to make sure that our precious personal information remain secure and safe from unscrupulous individuals.

While there are already a lot of products and services out there that can provide different levels of security and protection, one of the most basic ones has stood the test of time and remained an important part of any security system. This, of course, is the password, whose use might date back to Alibaba’s and the use of “Open Sesame” to gain access to the thieves’ loot cave.

However, even if it remains as one of the building blocks of security systems that predate most modern forms of gadgets and technology, and so has been a tried and tested tool, it’s also come to a point where the use of a password has become a tedious proposition.

Password management has become an issue due to the numerous services, software, apps, platforms, and what-have-yous that require you to create a unique password each time. Yes, you can use one password to fit them all to make it easier for you, but this is inadvisable at the least, as this is a vulnerability and a risk that if your password gets stolen, then the perpetrator has access to all of your accounts.

So what to do then? Well, there is a new product called the YubiKey 5 Series, a physical key that you plug into your computer or mobile device and allows sites to confirm your identity so that they can let you in to your account with them. Made by, Yubico, a security company that was founded more than 10 years ago in Sweden, the device doesn’t even require a password anymore, but uses instead near-field communication and  a new authentication standard called FIDO2 that protects your login information.

The YubiKey will fit into any key ring of yours, and while hackers can try and succeed getting passwords that you have stored online, a physical key will be harder to swipe.