NYC Releases a Mobile Security App for its Residents

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A new app called NYC Secure can recognize threats and suggest a solution the user can take / Photo by Panchenko Vladimir via


Responsible government bodies are always on the lookout for different solutions to protect the interests of their citizens. This can be done in numerous ways, like increasing the number of personnel in the police force and giving them up-to-date equipment, building better infrastructures, and of course, creating jobs and ensuring the security of everyone.

Or they can also go high-tech and specific.

It’s exactly what the government of New York City recently did. Acknowledging the importance of mobile devices for people not only living in the city but practically everywhere else, the office of Mayor de Blasio has released to its residents its own security app for smartphones. It is part of the city’s first cybersecurity initiative called NYC Secure.  

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the app, which is also called NYC Secure, is the result of collaboration between the metropolis and tech company Zimperium, according to an article posted on The free software has the capability to recognize threats to devices, other apps, and networks, and then suggest steps that the user can take. For instance, it will tell you to disconnect from a suspicious WiFi network or to uninstall an app found to be carrying malware.

The app is also good for the privacy of users because it doesn’t require internet connection to function, and doesn’t send out private information.

If you’ve already got a lot of security tools on your gadget, then you don’t need to install the NYC Secure app, especially if you are already familiar with the different ways you can protect your phone. It works best for people who are not very familiar with security issues in mobile devices.

In a previous statement, Mayor de Blasio said, “New Yorkers manage so much of their lives online, from paying bills to applying for jobs to engaging with government. NYC Secure will ensure that we’re applying the best and most effective efforts to help New Yorkers defend themselves online.”