The Wave Alleviates Allergic Symptoms to Wine


A device from PureWine Company called The Wave alleviates the symptoms of wine allergies in consumers / Photo by Garciacom via


Wine, for some a delicacy, for others an ordinary part of dinner. But most everyone will surely agree how it gives a sense of satisfaction just by looking at its bottle.

This product is one of the oldest forms of alcoholic beverage and a preferred celebratory drink that dates back to more than 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. And its status has not diminished through the years. Even today, there is a large market for wine, with people from all walks of life enjoying this drink not just as an alcoholic beverage, but an expression of a particular lifestyle as well.

Its reputation remaining untarnished has somehow clouded its negative side. For one, taking it in large amounts over a period of time can increase a person’s risk for stroke. For another, it can actually cause allergic reactions that include headache, diarrhea, nasal congestion, flushing, swelling in the mouth and throat, and vomiting. This is a problem for a small percent of people who wish to drink wine but can’t.

These problems might be alleviated by a new device from PureWine, an American company that filtrates wine, according to an article posted on the website. The product, called The Wave, filters and aerates bottles of wine to alleviate the symptoms of wine allergies. It removes the histamines and the sulfite preservatives that trigger the allergic reactions in consumers.

The PureWine company was founded by Dr. David Meadows and his son, Derek, back in 2014. Both had allergies to red, white, and sparkling wines. Meadows stated, “I had these symptoms myself for years, so I really wanted to understand what was happening.” This was one of the main driving forces behind the company, and why he came up with the idea for The Wave.

“We are delighted to provide wine lovers a way to alleviate the symptoms of wine allergies and to help people enjoy the unique pleasures of wine,” he added.