App Busts State-sponsored Censorship in Mobile Devices

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Google's sister, Jigsaw showcased its new app called Intra that aims to protect consumer smartphones from state-sponsored censorship / Photo by Carlos Luna via


Jigsaw, Google’s sister division under parent company Alphabet, recently showcased their new app called Intra, which has the ability to protect users from state-sponsored censorship, this according to an article posted on the website.

Censorship remains one of the biggest issues in a lot of countries, especially those that have oppressive governments. But even in fairly democratic countries such as the United States, censorship can rear its ugly head as well, such as during the 2016 presidential elections.

This new app aims to prevent DNS manipulation to take place in the smartphone of the consumer. This technique has been used by the government of Turkey, where they intercept web address requests and either redirects them to a fake site or to stop the sites from loading. This is one of the main ways unscrupulous governments limit the information that their people can access. Intra is specifically designed to combat such a practice.

The app does this by passing all the browsing queries and app traffic through an encrypted connection to a trusted DNS or domain name server. This means that people can get to the website they want to visit without any interference or to use their app freely. They even made it extremely user friendly so that everyone can use it. “Intra is dead simple to use. Just download the app and turn it on. That’s it,” the company said.

They added that by default, Intra uses Google’s trusted DNS server, but users have the option to course their browsing queries through Cloudflare that hosts its own secure DNS server that the public can access. Jigsaw said further that the app will be built in to Google’s latest mobile OS, Android Pie. But those from poorer countries who can’t afford to upgrade to newer devices can also get the Intra app by just downloading it from the Play Store.