Five Years Hence, Big Data is Not so Big Anymore

Big Data

Using big data requires a lot of high-level expertise and large investment thus making it hard for people to convert it into a clear business advantage / Photo by Wright Studio via


With many trendy words out there like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and so on, people have already left the concept of big data in the metaphorical dust. There was a time when big data was the hottest trend and the one that was supposedly going to save a help organizations improve their business with its ability to collect and analyze massive amounts of data and to come up with insights that would make the company have better efficiency in doing their decision making.

But after a few years and different methods used, a lot of companies are still having a difficult time translating voluminous data into actual value and profit, according to a report posted on the website

One of the main concerns that experts in the field are facing at the moment is the mounting pressure to create a new kind of tech platform that can rival other large data platforms already in place. Many of the people who have bought into the concept of big data are still having a hard time converting it into a clear business advantage.

It’s been more than five years since big data has taken center stage, and now, there are newer types of technology like machine learning that is looking to surpass it in just a few months. The problem stems from the fact that using big data requires a lot of high-level expertise and a large investment to begin with. One of the big data companies called Cloudera has even started pushing for the usage of machine learning over a lot of other forms of data, for the sheer efficiency it can provide to their company.

This is not to say that using big data is obsolete, it’s just having a difficult time keeping pace with all the other forms of technology that have been popping up lately, with a big advantage of offering easier access and lesser investment cost to run well.