Energy Usage in the House Can Now Be Tracked


A device created by Sense has the ability to check and monitor the total power usage of an individual / Photo by Christos Georghiou via


Energy consumption is one of the main concerns of many companies and organizations today and they are finding different ways to find solutions to this problem. There are a lot of alternative forms of energy out there like solar, air, and water, but since these are even still now not fully formed, fossil fuel remains as the main source of energy in most parts of the world.

Companies are trying to lessen their carbon footprint and overall energy usage to help preserve the environment. And this effort should not be confined to large companies only, but to every single person as well who should be more aware of what kind of energy and how much they use. Not only will this have a positive effect on the environment, but also from a practical point of view as this can give any person a picture of what to expect from their bills. It will also help if they become aware of which parts of their house they can improve energy efficiency on.

This has occupied the thought processes of a group of scientists and researchers from Sense, a Cambridge startup. They recently announced that they have raised more than $18 million in funding to create an energy monitoring system that has the capability to check and monitor the total power usage of an individual, as well as to keep tabs on all plugged electronics to know how much power is used by a specific device such as a toaster. It gathers all this information and shares it with a support app that can be downloaded to a smartphone.

The current CEO of Sense, Michael Phillips, stated that this device, which costs $300, is being marketed for its “home awareness” purpose because they realize that not everyone is an energy nerd who would want to know their home’s power consumption on an hourly basis.