Application to Help Garbage Conundrum

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Programmers based in San Francisco, California made an app to monitor and react about the garbage problem in the city / Photo by: drewplaysdrums via Pixabay


Wherever there is progress in a particular field of technology, whether big or small, there is always a resulting side effect that affects certain parts of the world where that happened. One of the oldest forms of issues we have like this is garbage, with the increase in population as well as a multitude of different products that are disposable that we use on a daily basis, this issue is getting more and more problematic as time goes on. People have been finding different solutions to these problems, from as simple as updated garbage disposal schemes to new types of technology to recycle or reuse forms of trash for other people.

A creator based in San Francisco just recently developed an app that would make it much easier for people to report specific cases of used needles and feces on different parts of the dirty streets of the city. The city has infamously been known to have a lot of dirt and grime on different parts of the city, and this is just one of ways the city is trying to stem this problem. Sean Miller, the creator of the app ‘Snapcrap’, was one of the people who wanted to change this. His app has the ability to request cleaning in public areas all over San Francisco, and is currently available for free on the iOS store.

This app, which takes a lot of elements and themes from Snapchat, even has the description of ‘See something gross? Just snap a photo and press submit.’ These pictures are then sent to the Public Works department where more than 311 apps are being monitored for reports on issues of feces and rubbish around the city and this also extends to other forms of problems like potholes and graffiti. This application, as well as other initiatives, can help the people to clean up around their city and make it cleaner and safer for everyone to live in.