For $150 Women Can Say Goodbye to Menstrual Pain


Doctors have invented a new product that can fight against menstrual pain for just $150 / Photo by: TheVisualsYouNeed via Shutterstock


One of the oldest problems that women have been facing for as long as the world remembers is period pain. It’s something that is both regular and painful for a lot of women. Of course, pain is a relative thing, but every female would agree that they can do without this monthly pain and is willing to try any solution just to get rid of it. One of the recent breakthroughs with regard to this exclusively female concern is Livia, a device that is touted to “switch off” menstrual pain, according to an article that appeared in The Sun.

This new device, which can be worn for up to 10 hours at a time, has the ability to block pain signals by using transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation that sends a gentle current through the person’s skin. Livia essentially works like a TENS machine, and works by attaching stickers to the areas where the pain normally happens and turning the device on. The product description states that it uses very specific kinds of electric pulses that are designed to block pain that are normally associated with period cramps.

The user also has to option to adjust the pulses emitted by the product. This device comes with a cover as well as a USB charging cable and a travel case. One of the things to keep in mind with this product is that it requires refills of the gel pads that are needed to release this electric pulse. The device comes with three months worth of these pads, and you can order more to be able to restock your supply. If you’re thinking that this device might not work for you, worry not, as the company has a 120-day, money-back guarantee if Livia doesn’t live up to your expectations.

While this new product sounds like a dream come true for every woman in the world, keep in mind that it doesn’t come cheap. Currently, Livia sells for almost $150.