Dankort Upgraded With Biometrics For Wireless Payments

Technology > Security

Dankort, Denmark's national debit card and their most popular payment system, has been upgraded by featuring a new lock-screen functionality that allows tap-and-go payments on their mobile phones. 

In a country of 5.6 million people who own almost 5.5 million debit and credit cards, it's no wonder that "the Danes have really taken to contactless payments and have quickly become used to this new and faster way of paying", according to Senior Vice President of Dankort's technology provider Nets, Jeppe Juul-Anders. 

Holders of the Danish mobile app and wallet can now use their fingerprints to commence payments, where it will allows payments for amounts up to DKK200 (£24). Aside from that, iPhone users can choose to use Touch ID to validate larger payments, which previously required a four-digit security code.

The move comes in the light of a higher demand for biometrics-supplied devices.  According to a 2016 study by Visa, 73 percent of respondents noted that using biometrics with a payment device is a secure way to confirm an account holder, and more than half of the respondents said that fingerprint recognition is their preferred form of biometric authentication. 

Juuls-Anders said Nets backs up its biometrics with wider security technologies by building “neural networks that constantly monitor all transactions and all transaction flows in order to prevent fraud in any shape or form”.

Nets expects other Danish retailers to follow Dankort's technological footsteps in the coming months.

Photo By: Geralt / Pixabay