Microsoft invests in Grab for AI and big data services

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The agreement with Microsoft will make Grab more secure and have more reliable cloud service. / Photo by: Jon Russell via Flickr


Microsoft has been doing a lot of things with regard to investments and new ventures in products as of late, and this is the reason that they stay competitive in the market they are currently in. As one of the big market leaders out there, they have a lot of influence, as well as credentials that make them trustworthy to both investors and the consumers alike. Recently, the company has just made a sizeable investment in the ride-sharing service of Grab as part of the initiative that would include more big data and AI projects. Under this specific agreement, the Singapore-based Grab would adopt Microsoft Azure as their go-to cloud platform. This would spell a lot of changes for both companies, as Grab would have a more secure and reliable cloud service that could be used for further analysis and data extraction. Both companies haven’t disclosed any financial terms yet, but it’s safe to assume that this deal could be the first step to a lot of collaborative projects that would step into the realm of big data and AI technology.

According to TechCrunch, the main idea behind this deal is that Grab, like Uber, has already gone beyond just a regular ride-hailing platform, and has ventured into different sectors like having their own payment service as well as food deliveries. This is something that Microsoft wants to take advantage of, and would be beneficial to both companies to collaborate and create a streamlined cloud platform for different purposes. Peggy Johnson, the current Executive Vice president at Microsoft stated, “Our partnership with Grab opens up new opportunities to innovate in both a rapidly evolving industry and growth region.”

This would be another way for the companies to further explore and test out ‘innovative deep technology projects’ like facial recognition with built-in AI to replace the traditional methods of checking IDs for the purposes of driving. This could be one of the many deals we will more and more of as time goes on, as services like Grab, are getting to the stage where it needs more support from other companies to further their expansion and research.