BlackBerry and the Newest Form of Its Security That Could Change the Game

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Blackberry is creating a new layer of security that is immune to quantum-computer hacking / Photo by Wei Wei via Wikimedia Commons


One of the niche smartphone companies out there is BlackBerry, where at one point in time, held the position of the most popular, and most cutting-edge cell phone of its time. Unfortunately, this was quickly overtaken by other big companies like Samsung and Apple, who completely dominated the market for a long period of time, leaving BlackBerry with a very specific market, opposing what they were more than fifteen years ago. Their main focus as of late is their top-of-the-line security, that almost guarantees quality protection on their smartphones.

According to an article posted in Fox Business, recently, the company has been creating a new layer of security that they claim would be immune to quantum-computer hacking. This is no small feat by any means, and this is one of the specialties of the company, by being the very definition of a secure cell phone.

John Chen, the current CEO of BlackBerry, stated that this new level of protection and the privacy offered by this technology is so high, that it trumps all the other commercially available solutions in the same field. He stated, “I’m sure there’s some NSA-based agents out there that know how to do these things, but ... this has got to be the top of the line.” This in regard to the recent announcement that BlackBerry would add the new quantum-resistant code signing server to their cryptography tools, which would make their software much harder to crack with a quantum computer, giving the next level of security that was previously never seen on a smartphone.

This new technology would be rolled out starting next month and Chen stated that he’s in the process of licensing a number of global partners to help with this, like that of India, Indonesia, and China. This new level of security came because of a recent estimate that there would be a new level of quantum computers that have the capacity to break cryptography within the next decade. Chen and the company, want to stay at the top of the game with this security technology, to both prepare and provide their consumers in the future. He continues, “The data you transmit is more secure on a BlackBerry.”