Pocket App Updated With New Features for Better Reading and Listening

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A new app named Pocket App is used to store articles, websites, etc. made so that the person who forgot the site can get it via Pocket App / Photo by: Santeri Viinamäki via Wikimedia Commons


One thing that is necessary for both the student and average worker is the ability to save articles and websites for future use. This is especially true for people who tend to forget what they see, or for people who want a reference for certain topics and items that they need to learn or study. Pocket has been one of the most reliable apps for this, with the ability to save articles, websites, and other forms of video to be read and watched at a later time. This particular app is one of the main competitors of the standard Apple’s Reading List, and has received further improvement in the form of a recent update that focuses on one-tap listening.

The app had a text-to-speech listening feature that was implemented more than three years ago, but the recent update has a much more sophisticated and refined method of listening that is expected to give consumers a better experience. This major update signifies the first major revision ever since Mozilla acquired Pocket last year, moving it up to version 7.0. This new version of the app has a one-tap Listen button, making the process of reading an article or paper easier, without even having to look at your smartphone. This is a touch above the average text-to-speech, as this one is powered by Amazon’s Polly text-to-speech program and has a more ‘human sounding’ voice for a more pleasant and lifelike experience for consumers. One of the biggest issues when the text-to-speech feature was first introduced was that it sounded too robotic and artificial, making listening to articles difficult for beginners.

It is hoped that consumers get to see more of this kind of content in the future. Pocket 7.0 also has a renewed interface, with a dark and sepia theme and new fonts.