Bullseye, a Fisherman’s Best Friend


A new device named Bullseye was invented to help fishermen in tracking their target catch / Photo by: Max Pixel


Fishing, aside from being a means to catch food, is also a way to relax as a form of sport. This has been one of the world's constant forms of work and relaxation available to humans for a very long time. Many improvements have been seen in this field, whether that be in the form of actual equipment that fishermen use, or in the standards and the quality of boats that are used in their work. Recently, technology for this field has also improved in the form of a device that can support and help fishermen with added support from their phones.

This device, called Bullseye, comes paired up with a support app that can be downloaded on either iOS and Android, and has the capability to record data on fishing trips. This can range from the distance between the boat to the mainland, the time one's spent out on the water, and the amount of fish one's caught. While there are many other forms of equipment that have similar capabilities, the Bullseye also records where fish are normally caught, giving waypoints on the map of the smartphone app, and directing fishermen towards the concentration of fish. The app that supports the device also comes with weather and water conditions in the area, as well as a way for fishermen to log information for other anglers on a network established in the area.

The device itself is both waterproof and durable, and doesn’t require charging to work at all. This is quite useful for the fishermen who wish to fish for sport and recreation, and is just another accessory to the large amount of equipment that an average angler brings on trips like this. ANGLR, the company behind this product, has dedicated their company to creating better fishing equipment for anglers all over the world. Spencer Rule, the current CEO and co-founder of the company, states, “ANGLR is all about constant improvement, we’re dedicated to improving our products and improving as anglers. It’s pretty cool to be at the intersection of fishing and technology, which are two things we’re really passionate about.”