The Biggest Misconception About Cybercrime

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According to an expert in cybersecurity, John Sileo, human error is the main reason why systems were hacked. / Photo by: scyther5 via 123rf


One of the world's largest rising markets is that of cybersecurity. A common misconception about cybersecurity involves the cybercriminals' and hackers' methods. Many believe that their main focus would be the machine or software. While this is true in some cases, the hackers, more often than not, target a much easier vulnerability that can completely overwrite and destroy any safeguards in place: humans.

This was one of the biggest concerns of John Sileo, a cybersecurity expert and the opening speaker at the National Cybersecurity Center’s Cyber Symposium held recently. He states that, out of all of the cyber related incidents that occured recently, the majority of them were due to human error, where humans were the main reason certain systems were hacked. He emphasized that many companies are so focused on creating the best kind of cybersecurity, they sometimes forget one of the most important things to take note of is that humans are a vulnerability as well, and are more susceptible to attack. He demonstrated this by showing how easy it would be to get adequate information from a member of  the audience to access their smartphone.

This was an important wake-up call for organizations and companies, as there has recently been a number of security breaches discovered within large companies like Facebook and Google that have put the issue of cybersecurity under further debate and study. Sileo states, “We are so overwhelmed with what we have to do, we don’t protect what is most important. Hackers are going after the part of our brain that is on auto-response.” This might sound trivial to some, and some might think that they aren’t susceptible to that kind of attack, but it pays to be vigilant, especially in a world growing more and more encompassed in next-gen technology.