Rumors of a Facebook TV Streaming Device Coming Soon


There are reports stating, Facebook's next product could be a TV streaming device that will be released in spring 2019. / Photo by: Anastasy Yarmolovich via 123rf


Facebook has been releasing a lot of products in the past few years, and in this year alone released two products that go beyond their regular social media platform, marking the first foray by the company into smart TV products and jumping into a completely different market. The products that they released in the current year are that of Portal and the subsequent Portal+, a device that is designed to combat Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Home Hub, with a focus on smart video chat features. There was a lot of controversy regarding this device, from the fact that the camera could follow you around as you move, and the recent security issues on the Facebook site that postponed the announcement. Now, there are reports that their next device, tentatively called Ripley, could be a new type of TV streaming device set to be released in the spring of 2019.

This new device uses the same type of technology that is currently present in their Portal smart display, and although the company has yet to comment on these findings, there is evidence that points to the fact that this new device is connected to the use of TV and that it will also have video chat functionality. The name Ripley came from a discovered piece of Facebook code that also showcased the different versions of Portal, that of the Ohana and Aloha version. This new device would also supposedly support Facebook Watch as well as third party video services.

As these are mostly rumors surrounding this new device and there has yet to be any official statement by Facebook as of yet, it is only hoped that Facebook users will be able to gather more information regarding this new product and how it can affect the smart TV market in the future.