IBM Creates Mobile Cybersecurity Center

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IBM's C-TOC can both teach and help people combat cyber crime / Photo by Joeppoulssen via 123RF


With the rise of technology, this also means that the threats to these types of technology have also increased in both complexity and strength. Thus, it is important for all companies, especially tech-oriented companies to have greater focus and understanding regarding cybersecurity. IBM has taken it upon themselves to help, with their recent showcase of a refitted semi-trailer into a ‘cyber tactical operations centre’ that is used to train customers’ security teams for more mobile investigations.

The main purpose of this cyber range was to train security teams on how to respond to security breaches and issues that could affect their respective division or company. Recently, this was taken to the next step by allowing it to be more mobile, which led to the creation of this semi called the IBM X-Force command cyber tactical operations center (C-TOC).

The C-TOC acts as both a teaching tool and a way to help people combat cyber crime. In the video showcased by IBM, Caleb Barlow, the current vice president of IBM’s security of threat intelligence, stated that they had "learned a lot" in the past few years that it was built and now has a full range of cybersecurity functions that can help and support people around the area. This is an interesting solution regarding the area of cybersecurity, as the majority of the places that these take place in are established data centres that focus on that alone. With this new ‘mobile’ version of a data centre, this could mark a new way for other companies to provide assistance when it matters.