Spotify’s New Wear App Sports Better Connectivity and Controls

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Spotify is planning to release a Wear OS app which allows users to play music on speakers. / Photo by: Pixabay via Pexels


Many apps have been undergoing a number of changes for different platforms outside that of the regular smartphone they were originally optimized for. One of these apps that underwent a recent update is Spotify. The music-streaming platform just announced that they plan to release their latest Wear OS app in the coming week. This standalone app is reportedly much better than that of the previous Spotify app that was available for Android Wear, and claims to address a lot of the issues and problems that users of the previous version would encounter. One of the main issues that consumers had with the previous Spotify app was that it made users rely on different third party apps to play music through this streaming service. Now, though, users can control music playback as well as browse playlists much more easily and without the hassle of outside apps. One of the more important features that the new version possesses is the Spotify Connect feature that allows users to connect and play their music on speakers.

Like the previous version, this app has a very minimalistic UI, which is important since the screen that the app would be on would be quite small, giving better accessibility without causing accidents like pressing the wrong button at the wrong time. This app also lets you access recently-played tracks and allows users to pause and/or skip tracks when they want, giving them better control over the music they hear. One of the main things that sets this app apart is its set of connectivity features that allows it to work with Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE, so that users can listen to music and podcasts from their smartphone, laptop or any other device that is set up with Spotify Connect.

The app will be pre-installed in all Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches and Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatches in November.