Facebook Reportedly Looking to Hire Cybersecurity Firm

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Facebook will hire a cybersecurity firm because of the recent security breach / Photo by: Stock Catalog via Flickr


Facebook has been the subject of a lot of controversy recently, with issues regarding hacks as well as privacy concerns, so it comes as no surprise that the company has been increasing and doubling down on their own security ever since. One of the steps that they have supposedly taken is that they are looking to acquire a cybersecurity firm to better bolster their security of both their main platform and their products. This might mark the next big investment that the company makes, with the other being that of Instagram many years ago. Currently, the company has approached many security companies about this exact proposition. Although there is news that some might seem promising, there have been no confirmed deals yet between Facebook and any cybersecurity firm.

This new push to acquire and reinforce their security comes a little less than a month since the recent security breach which the company stated was the largest they have ever experienced. This recent breach supposedly compromised more than 29 million users' information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and recent searchers. This has made security the top priority in many companies. Facebook has stated that they are working alongside the Federal Bureau of Investigation to see whether the attack was targeted to specific people or was just a mass attack for other reasons. Currently, there is no news or reason how this could be connected to the upcoming US midterm elections. This incident caused quite a stir considering Facebook was in the process of revealing their new product, that of the Facebook Portal, and caused a bit of delay as the company had to focus their efforts on this problem with their platform.

Regardless of this, the company will hopefully reveal by the end of the year their plans with their cybersecurity and whether or not they plan to acquire a major cybersecurity company in the coming future.