AT&T’s New Streaming Device in Beta Testing Stage


A new streaming device by AT&T offers viewers access to TV shows without having a satellite dish / Photo by Mike Mozart via Flickr


There has been a noticeable shift in the way television and cable have been used in our homes, and how it has slowly been shifting to more on-demand TV and streaming services.  AT&T now has their own streaming video device in beta testing. This information, as well as their future plans in the industry, was laid out by their current chief executive officer, John Donovan. The streaming video device reportedly offers viewers access to TV shows without having to have a satellite dish installed nearby.

This new device, which was first discovered by Variety over a year ago, is an Android TV-based set-top box which integrates the standard streaming apps as well as a voice activated remote that comes along with it. While AT&T did not confirm it at the time, they did reveal that they had the device already in testing during the recent earnings call earlier this year. This new device is currently being marketed to be able to watch DirecTV and other forms of streaming services from the user’s home. The original plan was for this device to come out at the end of the current year, but those plans have shifted based on the news. Donovan states that they still have to work out the issues in the device with the beta testing still ongoing, and his company hopes to release the streaming video device during the first half of 2019.

Donovan goes on to state, “This will be a more measured roll out, like our introduction of WatchTV, we expect this service to be EBITDA positive. And over time, it should lower our acquisition cost of our premium video service.” The company also plans to evaluate their current channel lineups, to make sure that they align with the cost of their new product on the way.