Homecooked and the Social Dining Experience

Apps and Software

An app called Homecooked brings strangers and fiends together for a home-cooked meals / Photo by Erik Reis via 123RF


There are a lot of new ways people are connecting with others all over the world, from new social media platforms to more sophisticated apps. People are become more and more interconnected with one another as time goes on. In recent news, Yale students created a way for strangers and friends to come together for home-cooked meals with a new app they created. Homecooked will allow users to book meals made by other people in the community. Kevin Zhen, the co-founder of the company that created the app, states, “That’s why when you open the app, we show you photos of people and not food, of course, if I see another breakdancing entrepreneur, I will drive 20 minutes to your house and eat with you.” This is alluding to the way the app features people and focuses more on social interaction rather than photos of food and beverages.

These events, usually in groups of six to eight, take place in the home of the person cooking the meal with around $15 to $20 of budget per person. This app has already conducted several updates and tests to make sure that it can provide a both enjoyable and intimate experience with groups of people. The new features can even allow users to connect with people who have similar interests by swiping in the app. The app was was just launched a few months ago by Zhen, Hojung Kim, and their chief technology officer Eric Duong.

Zhen stated, “The design is a lot cleaner and smoother. We even have a little mascot to guide you along.” The app also ensures that people will have a somewhat intimate experience by limiting the amount of people to eight attendees and by requiring the cook to be there to join his or her guests. The duo hopes that this can bring more communities closer together and to find ways to enjoy home-cooked food from places they never expected.