Owl Car Cam, a New Type of Dashcam for Your Car

Technology > Security

A new dash cam was being invented to make driving more secure and safer / Photo by: Fernost via Wikimedia Commons


There has been a constant need for surveillance on the road. Many situations can be considered risk without a camera watching and observing the events that take place in and around one's car. While there are a multitude of devices available to address this need, the Owl Car Cam combines the aspects of a video camera with an on-board diagnostics 2 (OBD2) to create a device that can bring vehicles a new type of security 24/7. An OBD is generally used to keep track of the state of the vehicle of the device user. It assesses the car's current level of performance, and allows the user to talk to a mechanic or operator if issues come up.

The Owl Car Cam looks like any other dashcam when attached to a vehicle, but it can also do much more than that record. This device secures the vehicle - both inside and out, even when it’s parked to create a very secure environment for the user. The Owl Car Cam also comes equipped with an HD camera that allows the user to open a live view, as well as talk with the people currently inside the car. The camera comes with a 2X zoom, a 12 degree field of view, a 4MP sensor with a 2um pixel size. The camera outside also records at 1440p HD, and the one inside at 720p, providing crisp video to both the user and the people around the car, to make sure that any and all things are captured when it happens. These videos are stored locally, even without a microSD and keeps to up to 14 days. The footage is viewable through the support Owl app that is both available for Android and iOS. This device can also alert the user in case it encounters an accident and can even call the appropriate authorities when it happens.

The Owl Car Cam can even be connected through AT&T and 4G network, even without internet connectivity. The device costs $349 with 12 months free storage and instant alerts. Any subsequent months of video storage would cost the user $10 a month or $99 a year.