Doctor-Approved Self-Care App Now on the Market

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A new self-care app called My Possible Self is proven to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression / Photo by Ra2studio via 123RF


A new self-care app has just been released on the market, and it aims to help people undergoing difficulty cope with their problems and have conversations they would not normally have about these situations. This app, called My Possible Self, is available on both iOS and Android and is the first app by the United Kingdom that is clinically proven to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and low levels of depression. This has been viewed as a possible key advancement in this field, considering that asking for help is often one of the most difficult parts of undergoing great tribulation. People who are troubled are sometimes afraid of causing burden to others, so this app to help oneself was created.

My Possible Self was created by Joanne Wilkinson, a mother of four, who initially wanted to build a non-profit counselling service after she herself experienced emotional issues in her life. Eventually, the idea that was formed back in 2009 became the app it is today. The app works by giving the user a preliminary questionnaire that then checks and assesses how the person is feeling, the user's variable levels of energy, their confidence level, and the user's ability to concentrate. It then uses that information to create a unique plan for the user and to provide them with different self-help modules to more effectively help against anxiety and issues with stress and change.This is in part due to the algorithms in the app, as well as a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), problem-solving therapy, positive psychology, and interpersonal therapy.

My Possible Self also sheds light on the user’s unhealthy practices, specific triggers, and other areas that could be worked on in the future. This is not a substitute for professional help, but it could give the user some semblance of support in cases of depression or anxiety. Of course, if the user's symptoms develop in severity, they are advised to seek the help of professionals.