Waze to Add 7 More Streaming Services to Their App

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Waze uses celebrity voice for users' direction guide / Photo by Kenary820 via 123RF


On the subject of navigation, there are now a multitude of ways that people can travel. People who commute do not even need to be familiar with a particular area to move around it, what with the creation of different apps like Google Maps or Waze to support them. Waze, other than being a navigation platform for car owners, has also started implementing other features in its app, setting it apart from others. On several occasions, Waze has had celebrity speakers voice their users' directions, such as Morgan Freeman or the character of the Terminator. Recently, however. they have taken another direction, further increasing its capabilities and exploring new aspects that set it apart from typical navigation platforms.

Waze has just announced that they plan to integrate seven more audio streaming services into their platform, including Pandora, Deezer, and TuneIn, as part of their new audio player feature. This means that the user of the app can now listen to playlists or podcasts while following the app's navigation instructions more seamlessly. This puts the app's total amount of music and audio services to eight, with the last one being Spotify’s integration just last year. This might prove to be another interesting move by the company as they are becoming more of a social platform rather than an exclusive navigation platform. Waze's competitors, namely Google Maps and Apple Maps, have been focusing more on the app's directional service, mapping out more efficient paths cars and people can pass through. Waze has been more heavily focused on car-related directions, as well as other services, to make it more interesting to the general public.

Although the app doesn’t support systems from big names in audio services like Apple Music, YouTube Music, or SoundCloud, the app's eight services are more than enough to provide good audio content like music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks. Not all streaming services are available on both iOS and Android, but they are expected to roll out out later this year.