Unifi Software Launches New Data Catalog

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Unifi Software, the provider of self-serving data tool released a new product called Unifi Data Catalog / Photo by: ASTI via Wikimedia Commons


Unifi Software, one of the tech leaders that provides an integrated suite of self-service data tools, has just recently announced their new platform called the Unifi Data Catalog. This new platform is set to come with an intuitive natural language search that is powered by OneMind AI. This addition to the company is expected to make Unifi Software's capabiltiies more diverse than ever before. The Unifi Data Catalog will also include collaboration capabilities for crowdsourced data quality, views of trusted data, as well as comprehensive governance and security. The company, which has been praised for their Unifi Data Platform, has reportedly been disrupting the industry due to their competitive pricing models. They compete with other solutions by offering their Data Catalog for on premises deployments. 

Unifi Software was named by Forrester as a Leader in the Q2 2018 report of Forrester Wave for Machine Learning Data Catalogs.
The Unifi Data Catalog was created to assist business users in searching, cataloging, discovering, and interacting with other colleagues about data. The program offers a new way for users to catalog the largest areas of data sources of any catalog market, as well as make use of an artificial intelligence powered discovery of data.  The Unifi Data Catalog reportedly provides users with out of the box and complex auto-generated recommendations to view and explore different existing data sets.

This has been viewed as a welcome move for Unifi Software, as this makes them unique in their ability to integrate self-service data tools with data catalog and workflow automation -- all while being powered by artificial intelligence. Currently, the licensing starts with the Unifi Data Catalog Workgroup Edition, providing the maximum of five users access to the platform for $3000 a year, and new users can be added at just $50 per person a month.