Personalized Meal Recommendations With New App

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A new app called Innit, offers over 10,000 different meals users can enjoy to choose from / Photo by Getty Images


We are reaching a point wherein new technology can make almost any and every important decision for us. With Amazon in place, a person can decide to never leave his own house as the service can provide him with groceries and other products, all in the comfort of home. We prepare food, and certain programs and apps are able make us eat optimally based on our own unique body structure and dietary needs. It gets complicated, however, when maneuvering through different allergies and requirements. A recent study even showed that half of all Britons are currently avoiding meat in pursuit of a vegan lifestyle.

This is where this new app comes into play, planning your meals for you and your family to the best of its ability. The app, called Innit, is a US-based smart kitchen app that is about to launch in the UK for the very first time. It will essentially make all the troubles that are associated with meal preparation a thing of the past. With features like customizable recipes, voice assistance, and interactive content, the app is both easy-to-use and handy for the average user. All one has to do on the app is input one's required dietary needs, from veganism to peanut allergies, and the app will choose from over 10,000 different variations of different meals that you can enjoy. App users can even add meals to a favorites section, so that they can always return to it if they'd ever like to make the dish again. The app aims to make cooking even easier, since it is integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so instructions become hands-free for app users to focus on food preparation.

Currently, the app is partnering with Electrolux so that users can also control smart appliances like the oven, to make sure it’s ready for the food that's been prepared. Eugenio Minvielle, the platform’s funder, states, “From plan to plate, we want to give you the confidence to prepare and enjoy food the way you like it.”