Facebook Hit With Maximum Fine Over Recent Big Data Scandal

Big Data

Facebook is again slammed with charges after another data breach and another Cambridge Analytica-like scandal rose up / Photo by: Soerfm via Wikimedia Commons


Facebook has been under a lot of scrutiny as of late, due to the issue of security and surrounding controversy the past few months. One massive issue the social media site has had to address was how the data of millions of users on their platform was harvested by a third party (Cambridge Analytica) for their own purposes and without their express permission. This was a uniquely controversial breach of security, which forced Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerburg publicly explain what happened and how it was resolved. The company stated, "While we respectfully disagree with some of their findings, we have said before that we should have done more to investigate claims about Cambridge Analytica and taken action in 2015." Recently, the United Kingdom gave Facebook the maximum possible fine for the data breach. However, compared to the amount of money Facebook makes, the fine is not expected to make a dent in the platform's pockets.

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office just announced the $645,000 fine a few days ago, stating that Facebook failed to protect their users; data and was very slow at containing the leak that came shortly after. This fine has been viewed as nothing but a slap on the wrist for the company, and a future warning to other social media platforms to be more careful and more transparent about their plans regarding the information of their respective users. The penalty, which is actually a lot cheaper than most houses in London, is meant to serve as a benchmark and will only increase if there are any more issues that come about regarding similar data breaches. Elizabeth Denham, the current UK Information Commissioner, stated, "The fine would inevitably have been significantly higher under GDPR." 

This move by the UK Information Commissioner's Office is expected to force Facebook to be more careful, and make sure that their information is more airtight and less exposed to these kinds of threats again.