New Wireless Charging Pad Released With Apple Watch Support


A wireless charging pad called Base Station can charge up to three mobiles at once / Photo by Getty Images


Charging devices are some of the most important smartphone accessories tech users have learned to rely on. It is an unfortunate truth that many Apple and Android devices possess a very limited battery life, and many of these tech users have had a difficult time managing both the many cables and wall adapters necessary for their upkeep. With the rumored wireless charger by Apple called the AirPower still not yet released, a number of other companies have sought to create similar devices to fill the gap. One of them, called the Base Station from Nomad, looks to be the one leading this trend of chargers.

This Base Station has a lot of functions that sets it apart from the rest. One of which is the ability to charge up to three mobile devices at any given time. The new version of the device, called the Base Station Apple Watch Edition, can support the Apple Watch with an integrated Apple MFi-certified Magnetic Apple Watch charger. One point to consider is that this version comes at the expense of the USB-A and the USB-C ports on the back of the normal version of it.The Base Station charger sports a padded leather surface and an aluminum finish that covers the three distinct charging coils and makes it look sleek and modern. Each of the coils are Qi-certified and output at 7.5W. Unlike other existing charging stands that act as placeholders for device users to put their Apple cables into, the Base Station's stand and cables (of lack thereof) come built into the actual device.

While wireless chargers are still a little slow on the trend front, it is slowly becoming more popular in the market today. The Base Station currently goes for $99.99 and, if you have an Apple Watch and wanted the included Apple Watch charger support, that would cost an additional $20 going to $119.99.