New iOS by Apple Has Huge Security Problem

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The new Apple iOS system has a lot of issues that risks the security and safety of the user's data like phone numbers and email addresses. / Photo by: Vasin Leenanuruksa via 123rf


There is a very serious concern with the new iOS 12.1 system by Apple, despite there being major upgrades from the iOS 12 that bring new features as well as important solutions to existing problems. With these bonuses and the standard new wave of important functions, there are a lot of concerns and issues that have come along with it that relate to both the security and safety of Apple users' information.

The new iOS 12.1 for both iPhone and iPad is much easier to hack than the other versions, and can be done with a simple phone call. The worst part of this security risk is the fact that anyone can do it, whether they have malicious intent or not. Suffice it to say, it is a vulnerability that needs to be urgently fixed. The current issue lies in the lockscreen of the smartphone, where anyone can go past the Face ID or Touch ID and head straight to one's contact information. Jose Rodriguez, a security researcher, shows this in a video. Anyone can call your iPhone from another iPhone and, once they are connected and the call is shifted to FaceTime, the problem begins. As soon as the ‘Add Person’ option is pressed on the target iPhone, this brings up the device’s full contact list and, using 3D Touch on any of their contacts, shows all their data like phone numbers, email addresses, and more. This doesn’t work on the previous versions of the iOS and only on the latest one.

This isn’t the only problem regarding iOS 12.1, with reports of graphics glitches, WiFi problems, and battery life complaints. For those wanting to upgrade straight away, it’s best to hold off until Apple has found a solution to the issues at hand and for the iOS 12.1.1 to come out in the next couple of weeks.