App to Help Women From Domestic and Sexual Violence in Turkey

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The KADES app that is available for both android and iOS users helps sexually and domestic abused women. / Photo by: Marcewl De Grijs via 123rf


Women suffer from many different kinds of abuse in different parts of the world. From sexual abuse to domestic violence, women of all ages have dealt with this kind of problem for many years, and a lot of them are too ashamed to actually come forward with their experiences and too afraid to shed some light on their abusers. Sila Gençoğlu, a renowned pop singer, was allegedly beaten by her actor boyfriend Ahmet Kural,  pushing the issue of violence against women to the forefront. A number of organizations have created solutions to help remedy this, with one of them being the Women Emergency Assistance Notification System (KADES) app, developed by Turkish police. Since the app was rolled out back in March, the app has prevented more than 145 women from suffering death or injury due to the acts of both men and women alike.

The KADES app, which is available on both iOS and Android, enables women to alert the police in case something serious happens to them with just the push of a button. The app users are carefully screened with their personal information and contact details. Once they are logged in, they can immediately contact the police by pressing the ‘seek help' button which sends their current location to the local authorities. With this app being downloaded a total of 33,000 times since it was rolled out, there have been more than 6,770 tips that were sent to the police, 145 of them were genuine cases, and the rest were either circumstantial or just a misunderstanding. The reason for this initiative is domestic violence and murder of women have been constant issues in Turkey for a long time, and public awareness has only gotten more traction due to the efforts of broader media coverage of these topics.

Although no official number has been given by authorities, dozens are suspected to have died due to violence against women in Turkey.