IBM to Make AR Game Locations Safer

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Gamers who are playing AR games will be safer because of IBM's blockchain patent that set up boundaries when they go to areas that are dangerous. / Photo by: tktktk via 123rf


Popular games made for the seasoned traveler are now available in augmented reality (AR), bringing AR users to different places all over the world. One of the issues with this is that AR game players might be led to areas that are either private or would be deemed undesirable for the general public. This is the reason why International Business Machines (IBM), commonly referred to as the Big Blue, just applied for another blockchain patent, where their main focus is to deter these AR game players from these types of locations. This latest patent document was just released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office a few days ago.

IBM's new patent describes a specific blockchain-based method and system of interactions between an AR-running mobile device and the specific locational database around it. This would set up boundaries around the player in case they go to areas that are deemed too dangerous, or too private for the general public. This patent exhibits the potential to make AR game players feel safer when playing games like Pokemon Go or others like it. This new type of ‘exemplary method’ AR game would allow all the mobile devices that play it to receive a signal when reaching a particular area that the system has deemed undesirable. The aforementioned system is also said to have the ability to modify the AR game to represent the issue with the undesirable area. The Big Blue says that, by applying this new type of blockchain technology to these types of AR games, their company can provide a level of ‘trust’ between real world locations and AR games that make use of users' locations.

By August 31 of this year, IBM had filed 89 blockchain patents, coming in only second to the Chinese conglomerate Alibaba, which filed 90.