System by Police to Help Combat Gun Violence

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The Shotspotter system will make the police respond faster to gun-related incidents. / Photo by: Getty Images


One of the biggest concerns in the United States today is gun-related violence. The shootings this year alone have put the spotlight on law enforcement and the government, with many asking how they can stop these incidents before more lives are lost. A recent case involved a man being shot near the intersection of Spring Street and Willow Street in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Another case had a street gang member nabbed by police after shots were fired in Rockford, Illinois. The only difference between the two was that the Rockford police responded quite quickly and were able to make an arrest due to the efforts of the ShotSpotter system notification.

This system installs different microphones throughout different areas that are deemed a little too risky and prone to gun-related issues. These microphones are designed to pick up the particular sounds of gunfire and, as a policeman put it, “use advanced technology to try to triangulate the location, the source of that gun fire.” The Rockford Police have also stated that they have credited this system to more than 16 arrests that are gun-related. Response time has now gone from 5-15 minutes to merely a minute, making all the difference in life-or-death situations. The same policeman stated, “With this case, the first thing we do in any case, is to look for victims so we can provide medical aid as quickly as possible.”

The ShotSpotter system also works as a way to recover evidence, as these microphones can be used to locate where the bullets could have landed and how many there actually were. This has a lot of potential and could be placed all over the country for better security and safety for citizens. With this system in place, police have stated that gun-related incidents in Rockford have gone down by 18% since 2017.