Making Big Data easily accessible for the agricultural sector

Big Data

One of the biggest issues of big data is that not a lot of people have access to this kind of technology. Although big data is evolving in terms of its uses, by finding different trends and patterns to predict future outcomes, it still is hard to use in each sector all over the world. This is more true in the agricultural side of things, where big data is not only a means of collecting information, but it is also an important algorithm of interaction with different variables like agronomy, breeding, farming systems modeling and so on. This means that big data is very important in agriculture and needs to be more common among that people that can use it most.

Dr.Jawoo Koo, a Spatial Data and Analytics theme leader and senior research fellow for International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) states "What we mean by Big Data is the linked data, where it is the data from multiple disciplines that links together to give us a better undrstanding of how agricultural works." He is also the co-pinoeer of the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture and Global Coordinator fo the CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information so he does have a lot of experience and a background in this regard. He wants to essentially make big data in agricultural a democractic approach to this, as he wants there to be a collective understanding, not just one from a small select group of people of big data. The key principle he is trying to promote is to make Big Data F.A.I.R.:findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

He states "That's our ultimate goal: all of the data that we develop are F.A.I.R.." He wants to make sure that his data, as well as all other forms of data can be used by a wider group of people who can make a bigger difference in this field of research.