Device to Help People Sleep More Easily on Flights


A new device called NapUp Fly helps the airplane passengers sleep more easily. / Photo by: kasto via 123rf


Airlines all over the world continue to attempt to improve their services and find ways to make their respective fliers' experience pleasant. However, sometimes sleep becomes a very difficult task, often due to flight turbulence or the noise caused by other passengers nearby. A new device called the NapUp Fly might be the key for plane passengers to finally be able to experience proper rest on their flights. While there may be many other solutions for passengers having trouble sleeping 33,000 feet up in the sky, the NapUp Fly has been perceived as one of the simpler solutions, not having to rely on advanced electronics or sleep medication.

The NapUp Fly essentially straps the user’s head to the seat's headrest and comes with a built-in eyeshade, effectively keeping the passenger's head still. The device's straps prevent the passenger's head from moving around, either from sleep or from the plane's movement. The company behind NapUp Fly has even released a more advanced version called the NapUp Fly+, which comes with speakers to help passengers sleep more easily with the music of their choice. Both of these devices come with a hard-shell carrying case, which can easily be packed in bags and stowed quickly without damage. Unlike regular neck pillows commonly sold, which only provide better cushioning or neck support, the NapUp Fly focuses on keeping a passenger's head in place. The company also states that the device is compatible with most airline seats. Their previous product, called the NapUp, sold over 100,000 units over 35 countries to help toddlers rest on long journeys. This new version was created to help a broader audience take on long airplane flights and to make travel more comfortable.

The NapUp Fly is currently being crowdfunded on KickStarter with a modest goal of $30,000, with prices ranging from $39 to $49, depending on the version of the device you want.