IBM to Work With Kronos to Leverage AI to the Hourly Workforce

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IBM and Kronos Inc are collaborating to improve career development, performance and engagement of the current workforce / Photo by Josef Kubeš via 123RF


International Business Machines (IBM) has just announced that they are collaborating with Kronos Incorporated to improve artificial intelligence (AI) technology to reach a broader audience. IBM plans to combine the Workforce Dimensions by Kronos with their Watson Talent, to help improve career development, performance and engagement of hourly workers.The partnership also aims to simplify hourly workers' tasks and make their work more efficient This has been a longstanding problem for the current workforce in the United States. With recent reports from the US Department of Labor stating that 58% of the entire workforce aged 16 and older, around 80 million people, are being paid by the hour. IBM and Kronos hope to improve the hourly rates, as well as the complexity of tasks to better suit the needs of the average worker.

Kronos itself is a leader in workforce management and human capital management solutions, boasting more than 35,000 customers and 40 million daily users. IBM wants to incorporate this large user base and expertise in IBM Watson, to deliver better opportunities and solutions for the needs of these employees and their managers. This collaboration is also expected to include Watson Career Coach technology, using Kronos’ data to improve shift-scheduling, personalized training recommendations, as well as career path coaching for those that need guidance finding a suitable job. These would then accessible on all mobile devices, so that workers can easily access this information. Aarti Borkar, the current vice president of product management and design from IBM Watson Talent, stated, “The opportunity to serve this important segment of our global workforce, and the enterprises who rely on hourly workers, is significant and a major commitment for both our companies.”

Michael May, the senior director of Kronos' Workforce Dimensions Technology Partner Program, described the collaborative program as a way for employees to navigate complex office management situations, and as a project that promotes mutual success.