Wipro to Partner With Check Point for Better Solutions to Cybercrime

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Wipro is partnering with Checkpoint to strengthen the cybersecurity and prevent threats. / Photo by: Dinis Tolipov via 123rf


A lot of headway has been made into improving cybersecurity for companies and general users, as the threat of cybercrime and hackers continues to loom close. Wipro, an Indian based IT company, has just announced that they are partnering with Check Point, an Israeli software company, to strengthen as well as deliver cyber security and threat prevention for their respective customers. They are doing this specifically for people investing in cloud infrastructure, as the need for security in that regard is quite important. Data stored by companies in the Cloud are normally quite crucial to everyday operations. As such, it is imperative that these companies invest in high levels of security for these cloud platforms.

The companies stated that they would use CloudGuard IaaS (Infrastructure as a service), which is Check Point’s advanced cloud security solution, on a wider audience. Wipro also stated, in a recent press release. that they plan to use this partnership to maximize the investment of cloud infrastructure by their customers by protecting their data from 5th-gen cybersecurity threats to their cloud assets and data. Sheeta Mehta, the global head of Cybersecurity & Risk Service at Wipro, stated, “By incorporating Check Point’s cloud security solutions into our IaaS offerings, Wipro customers will now benefit from advanced 5th-gen threat protection for virtualized cloud deployments and enterprise edge applications.” The two companies also explained that, while CloudGuard absorbs and leverages contextual information about the infrastructure to automatically adjust security policies should there be any changes to the cloud platform, Check Point’s Unified Security Management would provide a more consistent security policy for all corporate assets.

Itai Greenberg, the vice president of Product Management at Check Point, explained that the public Cloud appeals to enterprises as they offer agility, flexibility, and scalability. He said, "We look forward to working with the hundreds of certified Check Point engineers and cloud experts at Wipro to bring these benefits to our mutual customers and keep them one step ahead of the modern threat landscape."