New Security Device to Help Prevent Bicycle Theft

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A new device called Boomerang CycloTrac GPS can track lost bicycles easily / Photo by Ekachai Wongsakul via 123RF


Theft is a serious concern for communities all over the world. One of the most common objects of theft are bicycles, as they are considered simple targets and can be easily altered so that no one would ever know that the bike belonged to someone else. This is a more pressing concern for cyclists, as regular bicycle users always have to ensure that their bikes are secure with the use of bike locks or simple chains. A recently released device is supposed to find lost bicycles much more easily.

This new device, called the Boomerang CycloTrac GPS security device, uses cell signals to make sure that there is constant communication between the bike and the companion app on the user’s smartphone. And although GPS is already a known concept, this device isn't just a regular GPS device that you strap on to your bicycle. The device also sports a Verizon Cellular radio and a TI CPU, as well as many other sensors that include the ability to create a Geo-fence. This means that bike owners can now know where their bike is heading at all times, whether or not the user or the device has WiFi. This device is also discreet; no one would know the device was attached to a bike unless someone would know where to look. It also attaches quite firmly to the bike, making it very difficult for anyone to pry it off. Even if they do, the GPS will notify the bike owner immediately. Other than a security GPS device, the app and device track the user’s ride analytics, favorite routes, distances, and other information that can be linked and posted on their respective social media pages.

Currently, the device sits at $155 and is the size of a bike pump. The company is also using Indiegogo to crowdfund Boomerang CycloTrac V2, which is smaller and less expensive at $98.