New App to Switch Custom ROMs More Easily

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A new app called, Migrate, makes it easier for users to switch from one ROM to another / Photo by Getty Images


One of the great advantages of using Android phones instead of Apple products is their flexibility. This is true for aspects of Android ranging from their open source engine to the many apps that are available in their store but are not in the Apple App Store. Another great function is Android's ability to flash a custom ROM (read-only memory) on a smartphone, but the issue here is that not many people know how to do this properly. Recently, a new app was made to make ROMs easier to manage and to make the process as quick as possible.

This new app, called Migrate, takes away the hassle that comes from switching from one ROM to another. Generally, the people who flash ROMs use the app Titanium Backup in case things go wrong, and in order to transition more easily to the new ROM that they have in mind. Titanium Backup creates backups of users' existing apps, settings, media and all other relevant data from the smartphone so that they can be safely transferred when the process is finished. The issue with Titanium Backup is that it’s quite clunky with both it’s UI and complexity, making it very confusing for new users. The new Migrate app, however, was made to cater to newer audiences who have no idea what they are doing, providing a simpler UI and automating most of the tasks users would normally have to manually input with Titanium Backup. Migrate has fewer features compared to Titanium Backup, but if you just want to transfer your settings and apps quickly, Migrate is your best bet at oing this.

The app is still currently in beta, so a lot of the features are still fresh and require further testing. However, Migrate is consistently being updated, and Titanium Backup is not expected to be redesigned in the near future.