Google Looks to Expand New York Office Space

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Google is planning to move into a bigger office as its workforce is expanding to add more workers / Photo by Uladzik Kryhin via 123RF


Google is generally seen as one of the biggest tech companies, and they continue to expand their line of products and services every single day. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is current planning to expand their office area in New York City. This new move by the company brings a lot of potential for job applicants and staffing spaces in the area. The reports say that Google's new space could become home to more than 12,000 new workers to be added -- nearly double the current staff in the city.

Many of these recent decisions were reported to the Wall Street Journal by people in the know, and who also stated that Google is planning to buy or lease the planned 1.3 million square-foot office building at St.John’s Terminal in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood. The full plan has not yet fully been announced, but the building is estimated to be completed by the year 2022. If this plan were to pass,and their major new office gets expanded, they might be able to have enough staff to rival that of Amazon, which is 25,000 strong. Google has been adamant at keeping quiet on all fronts regarding the new move until they are ready for an official announcement.

On top of their new office expansion, Google also reportedly plans to expand their existing property at the Chelsea Market, which they bought earlier this year for $2.4 billion, by around 300,000 square feet, as stated by The Wall Street Journal's sources. The public will have to wait and see where this news takes Google, its users, and its staff. Either way, Google's reported expansion in New York City spells good news for people who wish to join its ranks, but they might have to wait until the building is finished in 2022.