Contrast Security to Join the Cybersecurity Tech Accord

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More and more companies are no joining the Cybersecurity Tech Accord / Photo by: Gorodenkoff via Shutterstock


With so many tech companies specializing in creating a safer space for both companies and consumers, it is important to recognize their efforts. The Cybersecurity Tech Accord, a large collaboration of global technology companies that have come together to create a safer and more secure online space for consumers, has just added Contrast Security to their ranks.

Contrast Security, the company that pioneered self-protecting software, announced that they joined the Accord, which has more than 60 companies stationed worldwide in their quest to create an online world well-protected from cyber threats. Contract Security is one of the youngest security firms to join the Accord. According to Jeff Williams, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Contrast Security, “Digital transformations has expanded and accelerated software development to the point where most organizations struggle to perform even basic application security blocking and tackling across their applications and API portfolio.” Williams then went on to say that he and his company were proud to join the Accord and plan to ensure that every developer in the public space has free access to their security testing and protection tools for their respective systems. Contrast Security's system, called the Contrast Community Edition, is a free, full-featured, DevSecOps solution for improved development in security and operations to meet growing demand.

Alan Naumann, the current Chairman and chief executive officer of Contrast Security, states, “By making this pledge to the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, we are excited to join forces with industry leaders to hone in on the dialogue, discovery and decisive action to create a secure and stable digital world.” This is welcome news for both their company and the Accord, as this means that another company has joined the fray to share information in order to protect the online space from the threat of cyber criminals.