Vine Creator Reveals New App

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The co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, has plans to release a new app called 'byte' in spring 2019. / Photo by: Esther Vargas via Flickr


When Vine was founded in 2012, the app quickly gained popularity among social media users. When Vine was shut down in late 2016,  the majority of their users migrated to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Nevertheless, the loss of Vine created a void that was never again filled, until now. Vine users missing the app's looping video format should be pleased that Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of Vine, has just confirmed plans to release a new app in spring 2019.

This new app, which he revealed on Twitter to be called ‘byte’, is Hofmann's next venture, which he hopes will garner the same success as Vine. He has been teasing the creation of this app the past year under the name ‘v2’, however, fans were disheartened to hear that ‘v2’ was postponed earlier this year due to costs and issues that came up when developing the new video app. Though there has been no news regarding the features or the general goal of this service, Hofmann has made it quite clear that he is a firm believer in the GIF-like looping videos that made Vine famous. Vine was acquired and promptly shut down by Twitter in 2016. Hofmann left Vine a year after Twitter acquired it and created a new digital art creation app, also called Byte (with a capital 'b'), which failed to take off.

Hofmann's new byte (with a lower-case 'b') is coming very soon. Many former Vine users are intrigued by what this new app might bring to the table. Whether or not it will be as popular or as entertaining as Vine remains to be seen. Interested users may keep up to date with Hofmann's byte on the app's website and its profiles on Twitter and Instagram. It should also be noted that the app is in no way affiliated with Twitter.