AT&T to Launch to App to Better Manage Parental Control

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AT&T Secure Family is a new app where an individual can monitor the people who are connected to the network. / Photo by: Mike Mozart via Flickr


AT&T has made a lot of headway into creating better services for their telecommunications network recently. One of the new devices they have just launched supports 5G data services and might usher in the new age of roaming services down the line. Recently though, AT&T announced that they will be discontinuing their Smart Limits service by November 26. They did this because they plan to release a new app to more efficiently manage parental control.

This new app, called the AT&T Secure Family, is an upgraded parental control app that comes with better location features that can track and see what all the people connected to this network are doing. This can make the person monitor up to 10 lines at the cost of $7.99 a month for full features and $4.99 for partial features, and receive arrival and departure alerts when a child enters a particular area of their school. This can make people feel a bit safer knowing where their children are and provides a way to make sure that children don’t stray or ditch school altogether. Aside from this, the app can also allow parents to block or prevent purchases from the App Store or Google Play Store, although some of these features are only available if the companion app is also installed in the child’s device and paired with the parent's device. People who are already subscribed to the Smart Limits service will be immediately directed to download this app for their compatible devices. It is also important to take note that some of the other features of Smart Limits like number blocking and reminders via Wi-Fi won’t be a part of the new app, so people using this need to plan accordingly.

AT&T isn’t the only company that is expanding their parental control functions, with Verizon recently rebranding their own version of it and changing the name of their FamilyBase app to Verizon Smart Family.