Walmart Releases New Solar Powered Security Devices in Their Parking Lots

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Walmart's 'Lot Cop' is an AI cop that has a camera attached to a tall pole in the parking lot. / Photo by: jessicakirshcreative via Shutterstock


Walmart has been upping their game recently with new additions of technology both in their stores and around them. Walmart is now reportedly opening an artificial intelligence (AI) facility in one of their stores to better manage their customer experience and stocking schedules. This software adds further protection to the perimeter of their stores and their parking lots. Walmart will be making use of AI ‘cops’ that provide another layer of security to the chain store.

This new device by Walmart is a bright yellow machine that sits in the parking lot and is attached to a tall pole with cameras on the top. This is the new security feature by Walmart to prevent illegal activity from happening on their premises. This device, called the ‘Lot Cop’, is a mobile, solar-powered security system that catches these kinds of activities on camera. The employees also state that there are motion sensors installed in the cameras and if you get close to it, it will flash blue. These are added functions to the device to make sure it can detect everything that happens in the area. These new camera systems have been seen in more than 100 stores nationwide, and is a response to a lot of the activities that happen in these areas of the store. Walmart stated, “The importance of this issue is recognized at the highest levels of the company and we are investing in people and technology to support our stores.” This is due to the main issue of shoplifting in the area, with some police officers even stating that they get at least one call from Walmart a day due to reasons related to that. Even with security measures in place, people still find ways to steal. Walmart's 'Lot Cop' aims to put an end to illegal activity on their grounds.